Bingo Lingo

Glossary of terminology and other cool things to make you seem like a pro the first time you play.

☻ 9-on

9 Faces (cards) “on” one sheet

☻ Being on

When you only need one more number for a bingo. (This is where the adrenalin starts pumping.)

☻ Monitor Bingo

When you are on, someone else bingos, and your number is left in the monitor.  (See “Oh Shoot”)

☻ Hardway Bingo

A bingo without using the free space.

☻ Easyway Bingo

A bingo using the free space.

☻ Crazy

The pattern can be in any direction or in the case of a stamp, etc. it can be anywhere on the card.  (This also describes how some people act.)

☻ ‘Oh Shoot'

This is said usually during a Monitor Bingo or one of its more colorful variants.  However, there are other appropriate times for using this phrase.

☻ 6-Pack

A collection of 6 Pepsi cans in a plastic holder. (Or a group of dots on a bingo card resembling that collection.)

☻ Monitor

TV’s around the hall showing the bingo balls, etc.

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