Thankful Thursday

Thursdays try to show our appreciation to our players for their support of our charities. The payouts haveĀ  increased by $1750! It's 22 games for $25 - All you can play of the 9-ons, Special Packs, and Speed Packs plus 3 Double Actions (paying $500), 3 Bonanzas (paying $500), and 1 FREE Triple, Triple (also paying $500). The five regular 3-on specials each pay $300. Speed pays $150. You will also receive a FREE $2398 Naughty or Nice funtab with your buy-in. One lucky player won $2398 with her FREE funtab alone. To top it all off, a $1000 drawing from the night's tickets is held each Thursday. $500 Buckaroo Early Birds are still $5 for a 3 pack.


Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 4:00pm
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